Precedent: Archigram Capsule Homes,Warren Chalk, 1964

Archigram designer Warren Chalk conceived and designed Capsule Homes in 1964. According to Katarzyna Markowics, the project integrates key principles of mobility, adaptability, and expendability. At the time Chalk believed living space was becoming increasingly more sterile and inflexible, so he introduced idea of designing living space capsules comprised of units of different, interchangeable models that could be organized in a cluster to provide community, rearranged, and replaced when the pod became obsolete. Each capsule could fold and stack into larger tower capsule home structure, where “the cells, despite its prefabricated nature, are versatile as each “house” may consist of more than one cell”. Archigram’s proposal was very modern for its time and had a major influence on the urbanism movement. Living cells were small to require residents to interact with neighbors, and according to Chalk, the images are color coordinated as such: green space indicates a relationship to nature, red, yellow, and orange represent fun, festive, versatile living space.

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